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Forest Bathing 

Forest Bathing is about immersing yourself into the environment of the forest through all your senses - vision, touch, smell, hearing and taste. It is rooted from the Japanese term Shinrin-yoku, which translates as "forest bath". Extensive research from Japan, South Korea and more recently also in the UK has shown that forest bathing can greatly benefit our physical, emotional and mental health. 

"[Forest bathing] is like a bridge...between us and the natural world...we may not travel very far, but in connecting us with nature, it takes us all the way home to our true selves".

Dr Qing Li


Benefits of Forest Bathing

Studies have shown that Shinrin-yoku can have numerous health benefits,  which include:

  • reduced stress and anxiety

  • improved memory and concentration

  • improved sleep and energy

  • normalised blood pressure 

  • improved pain thresholds

  • immunity boost due to increase in the count and activation of NK cells in the body 

  • lowered blood sugar levels


What to expect during session:

We will be walking at a relaxed pace, allowing the mind to quiet and transition from the "doing" to the "being" mode. Up to 50% of the benefits of a Forest Bathing session come from simply inhaling the forest air, so we will encourage deep breathing while stopping at carefully chosen spots to engage our senses.

Visualise: from the vibrant wildflowers of spring to the autumnal colours of falling leaves and yes - even those playful puddles of a rainy day, Wimbledon Common is waiting to be explored.

Listen: tuning into the rhythms of birdsong, the wind travelling through the trees, leaves crunching underfoot and acknowledging each other's presence. 

Feel: experiencing the diverse textures of the forest - tree bark, leaves, sticks and stones as well as the wind, rain or sunshine touching our skin. 

Smell: often one of the most underdeveloped senses can be safely explored in the forest as we open our sinuses to inhale the trees, the bark and the earth.

Taste: our sessions conclude with a nature-inspired snack and a calming herbal tea to warm us up 

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