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Team Building 

Benefits Include 

•Enhanced working relationships

•Strengthened resilience and creativity 

•Improved time management

•Boosted productivity 

•Enhanced problem solving skills  

•A shift from reaction to intentional response

Session elements 

•Sensory activities to foster nature connection

•Mindful photography 

•Mindful journaling 


Tailoring your experience

All sessions will be uniquely tailored to fit your specific needs. 

•In office 1 hour presentation and taster activities

•In office presentation and guided session in a nearby natural environment 

•2-3 hour session offsite at our main location - Wimbledon Common

•Half day or full day session with refreshments or lunch included 

"Look into nature and then you will understand everything better."


Our team building sessions are centred on evidence based Mindfulness activities and curated to address the unique goals of each group.

Our approach will not only encourage strengthened working relationships but will also inspire individual creativity, sparking vision and clarity that can benefit projects.

Research has shown that starting team building activities with a mindfulness element can make the entire day’s experience all the more impactful.

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